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Cultural Palace Group of Houseboats

The Heritage of Kashmir

Houseboats were introduced by British into Kashmir. Most of British Civil and Military officers serving in the plains used to come to Kashmir with their families for holidays. They wanted to built houses for themselves but the Maharaja of Kashmir that time was suspicious of ther designs and did not allow them to buy land, so they built the first Houseboat- Name Victory designed by Mr. M.T. Kenhard in 1888. Later other copied this design. The houseboats are generally made from local cedar-wood and measure 30-50 metres in length and 5-6 metres in width and are graded in a similar fashion to hotels according to level of comfort. Many of them have lavishly furnished rooms, with verandas and a terrace to serve as a sun-deck.They are anchored individually and some are interconnected with bridges providing access from one boat to the other . Now there are about 850 houseboats with different categories in Srinagar for commercial purpose . The houseboats are having three to five bedrooms with attached bath, with separate dining and sitting rooms also with sun deck.Each houseboat is having the attendant who can serve the food.

Cultural Palace Group is not a new name in Houseboat Industry, we are traditional and reputed in the Society since more than 10 decades. Our House boats are our heritage, and we believe that our valuable guests are like a flower and when it grows it gives more shine and fragrance.


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